How to Save Money on Groceries

Apples for $4 or milk for $4.5, which one to buy? Do you get confused in similar manner when you go out shopping for groceries? If your answer is yes and you look forward to save money and manage your expenses better related to grocery items, then simply continue reading.

What tips to follow?

Mentioned below are some tips that you can consider to get more food on less cash:

  • Who doesn’t like fresh vegetables and when it comes at no cost; it’s unbelievable, isn’t it? By growing your own vegetables in your gardens or terrace gardens, not only you get fresh vegetables all the time but you also save a lot of money.
  • Cook your own food rather than hiring someone to cook for you every time.
  • If the food at your workplace costs much, then why not make your own lunch and take it to work? By this small gesture, you can save quite an amount that you would have rather spent on lunch bills.
  • Buy from the grocery stores that offers most discounts. Look around the place you live for stores giving maximum discounts or ask your known ones if they know any.
  • Some things when bought in bulk costs much less. So consider buying in bulk when you need to purchase in large quantities or when you have proper means of storage. Now it’s quite obvious that you don’t buy milk in bulk because it won’t be of any use after 3 days! Remember to store your food in proper storage so that it doesn’t rots.
  • Instead of throwing the leftovers, why not consider recycling them? By adding some more ingredients and seasonings you can create a new dish altogether!
  • Stop wasting your food! Don’t throw away the oil that is leftover after you fry something. Instead put it in a container and use it again next time when you need to fry the same item.
  • Don’t waste your money in buying drinking water. Instead you can use a water purifier and purify the water supplied to your home for dinking and cooking purposes. If your water purifier is very good and works well then your water is of same quality as of any particular brand.
  • The less you are to go for shopping, the less will be the amount you spend. As simple as that! So make fewer shopping trips and stop running to a grocery store every now and then for something or the other.
  • Before you go for shopping, make a list of the items that you require. Buy only the things that is mentioned on the list. If something isn’t, they you obviously don’t need it!
  • Check your products before making payments. Always remember to check for manufacturing dates and the expiry dates. Clearly if a product, let’s say a packet of oil expires in a month then there is no use of buying it! Simply get it from another store and make the most of your money.


Even small gestures contributes a lot! For example, keeping aside the change in a piggy bank can sum up to a considerable amount in mere future.

Consider the above tips when you go for shopping for groceries next time.

How to get free cell phone service in Florida

cell-phones-floridaLifeline Assistance Program is such a program that offers free cell phone with a certain free limit to the low-income group of people. This program was initiated by the US Government for the people who don’t have their own capacity to maintain a phone; however it is a very essential tool in case of emergency purposes.

So, the Federal Communications Commission felt the need of this program by which certain service providers can supply their eligible customers with free cell phone. This is not a new program but it is there for quite a few years. Previously it was only for the landline phones and later with the success of the program it has become free mobile phones. By this program service providers offer some free minutes for call and also free text messages so that the people with low income can use them during the emergency purposes.

Eligibility to avail the lifeline services

The people who are residing at the 135% of the poverty line and also the ones who receive some kinds of benefits from some programs in Florida are eligible to avail this Lifeline assistance program service. The programs include Food stamps, Medicaid, Low income home energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, Federal Public Housing Assistance/Section 8 etc.

If you are a Floridian and you are qualifying the eligibility criteria set by the FCC to get this free cell phone facility then you will be able to use this service from any of the service providers providing this.

Service Providers in Florida

There are some main service providers in Florida who have these lifeline service facilities. You can either choose any one of them as it is against the rule to get service from more than one service providers or to have multiple lifeline free cell phone service.

The main service Providers are –

  • Assurance Wireless
  • Access Wireless
  • Safelink Wireless
  • AT&T Mobile
  • Budget Wireless

These are the service providers who supply with inexpensive cell phones and 250 minutes of call and text messages per month. You can also choose from FLATEL, Frontier Communications and Express Phone Service etc.

Thus the ones who are not economically strong or belong from the low income group, if they fulfil the eligibility criteria then they will be given the facility of free cell phones through which they can make important calls for job, family and other important works which is essential for them. The target of this plan is mainly to cover the rural areas and also the remote areas that are mainly deprived of these facilities.

So, if you are one of those who qualify for this facility then you can apply for this service providing all the documents as proof of being in low income group. Otherwise the application gets rejected during scrutiny. You have to provide enough proof to prove that you are eligible for this service and then you will get the free cell phone.

Ex-Insider Exposes Underground Trade-Industry Secrets to Free Cell Phone Service

How lives were changed after the biggest recession of the last time. It has entirely ruined many people’s businesses and their maximum sources of income. Situation has become tougher, when it comes to pay expensive phone bills. People were feeling helpless because they had either to maintain their general family needs or expensive cell phone bills. In such terrible conditions US government has realized people’s problems and allowed some companies to distribute free cell phones. These free cell phones are now available in most states of USA through the Lifeline program and if you are also facing financial issues, then just apply for it.

Insider Secrets

These cell phones are really useful to reduce monthly cell phone bill cost:

Since the Lifeline program is introduced in the country, numerous individuals have reduced the cost of their cell phone bills. Do you know how? In Lifeline program, authorized companies are offering free cell phone, with 250 minute’s free calling. Thus, you can easily make calls to your friends and colleagues and prevent yourself from paying extra charges of bills. This program has worked to help people in reducing their monthly cell phone bill expense and offered them a very helpful approach of being connected with each other.

Additional facilities provided with free cell phones:

There are few amazing facilities coming with government’s Lifeline program. First of your entire monthly cell phone bill expenses will get reduced and you can invest that money in other necessary things. In addition, these free cell phones will bring many job vacancies to you. Don’t be confused, because in these free cell phones you will get some job finding apps that will acknowledge you about every possible job vacancy matching to your skills. Whenever you will need help of health check services, you will get them quickly of your door by your cell phone. The authorities have just tried to provide you complete help in which you can save your maximum money without being worried about regular bills.

You will get perfect cell phone models.

It is a pleasant secret about the free cell phones that authorized companies are not offering you old or used cell phone models for free. The will give you recently launched cell phone models, which will give you support of all contemporary apps and services. You will surely like it and feel proud to keep it in your pocket. After all Lifeline program is all about helping people for all their needs and offer them excellent help in terms of their communication needs.

This free cell phone program or Lifeline program was started for financially unable people, which have faced various money related issues in last few years. After verifying some necessary conditions, authorized agencies are offering you those free cell phones and free calling facility. If you think you deserve to get the benefit from Lifeline program, use now. You will easily get the Lifeline program in your state also, so get access over it.